Specializing in structural analysis and substantiation of aerospace structures we offer technical services and support on a contract basis. Projects large or small, we are used to supporting projects with tight deadlines, and can help get you through an understaffed period without on-boarding new employees, or act as your structural analysis department if you don't have one in house. We use both classical/traditional methods as well as finite element analysis including FEMAP and NX NASTRAN.

We have experience working with a diverse set of projects and team makeups from aircraft & launch OEMs to mod shops developing STCs. Projects range in topics from drawing/design review, static strength, stability, fatigue, damage tolerance and crack growth, interval based inspection determination, to equivalent strength and both production and service MRB/repair activities, flight and ground test, spectra, data reduction and visualization. Project scopes that we typically take on range from full stress analysis & documentation, to simply CAD idealization or meshing, fatigue or crack growth analysis, running a NASTRAN job, doing a 3rd party sanity check (or hand calcs), or spiffing up a report format.

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Analysis Automation:

Excel, Femap, Nastran, Web or server side analysis automation. We can reduce your analysis time significantly with automation.

  • Femap APIs
    • Automate simple or complex tasks in Femap
  • Nastran Pre & Post Processing
  • Methods standardization by web based tools
  • Excel Macros
  • AFGROW COM & NASGRO Batch for fracture automation
  • Femap & Nastran Excel Incerconnectivity
    • Build a model based on parametric inputs in Excel
    • Run case studies right from Excel
    • Post Process results directly in Excel
  • Data visualization

We specialize in:

  • Analysis & Structural Design Review
    • Static, Dynamic, Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis of components, or installations
    • Classical or Numeric Methods (including CAE)
    • 3-D model or 2-D drawing creation
  • Training - offering short courses in:
    • Pre & Post Processing with FEMAP
    • Pre & Post Processing with PATRAN
    • Pre & Post Processing with NX CAE
    • Finite Element Analysis with NASTRAN
    • CATIA V5
    • TeamCenter
    • Solidworks

Structural Design
Component or Installation

Modeling & Simulation
Component or Installation

  • 3-D Modeling or CAD Translation
  • 2-D Drawings
  • Conversion to 3-D from 2-D
  • Reverse Engineering of prototypes
  • 1-D, 2-D, or 3-D Meshing
  • Geometry Idealization
  • Loads or stress fidelity modeling
  • Pre & Post processing or model debugging

Testing & Data Reduction

  • Model verification and validation
  • Strain Gage data reduction
  • Power (& Acceleration) Spectral Density
    • PSD & ASD generation
    • Flight Test Data Reduction

Fatigue, Fracture & Damage Tolerance

  • Fatigue
  • Fracture
  • Damage Tolerance Analysis
  • Spectrum processing &, Rainflow counting